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To enhance the effectiveness of  any web page, and its stay-here-and find-more value, add some sound features to your work.  "What kind of sound?" you ask--well, let's  see, or rather, let's listen  to a little something soothing and pleasant.  A wealth of tunes are available for addition to your work, whether it be  presentation, web page composition, or communication.  Click here for a variety of sound sources which may interest you.

Two kinds of sound files are MIDI and .wav files.

MIDI is what allows us to connect musical files to our computers for use and enjoyment purposes.  MIDI is list of commands for devices that allow for sound to be heard through your computer.  Click here for some technical information on Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

To enhance your webpage, project, mail, presentation (&more),
try inserting a MIDI file into your work.  To do so is simple, just try
out this short tutorial.

    .WAV is the file extension for Wave Form Audio File Format, AKA RIFF  WAVE format.
.wav files are actual sound data files, and are much larger than MIDI files.

Click here for some additional  information about wave files.

Remember the tune you listened to near the beginning of this page? It was played using the native Netscape plugin.
Try another plugin....Introducing the Beatnik plugin- - click here to install the plugin.  When you get to the Beatnik site, click on "Download Beatnik Converter Demo, which will set you up for a short-term Beatnik trial.  Feel free to read the additional literature on the Beatnik while you're there.  Afterwards, come back and click here to try out that tune again, this time using Beatnik.
When you get to the MIDI file site, scroll down until you find st_elmo.mid, then click on it.

What do YOU think? Is there a comparison?

Just as sound can enhance your website, sound can harm it as well.  Too much time waiting for the page to load can be spent if one floods the site with sound. Would you like to wait awhile for a page to download ?  Not many would, and may just skip your site altogether.  Incompatible music can be slightly harmful, setting the site up for criticism, possibly causing a visitor to overlook the valuable qualities of the site.  When we think of the addition of sound (& images, for that matter) as enrichment to our websites and other works, we can focus on the appropriate additions for our pages and more.

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