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Conducting Effective Internet Searches

    The Internet, often called simply "the Net", is the vast global connection of millions of computer networks.  Information travels to all parts of the globe through this electronic superhighway.   Finding information in this worldwide web can be a challenge.  Search engines help find information by scanning  the contents of other Web sites, and creating a list of sites related to your search.

Browsing and Searching the Web
This is a good tutorial for the beginner or to use for group training sessions.

Search Engines and Syntax Examples
Find tips on using the most popular indexes and directories at FindSpot.

Boolean Searching
Learn to narrow your search using and, or, and not as operators.

Search engines use either an index system,  a directory search, or a metasearch.

Alta Vista Includes a language translator, photo finder, and a family filter to block out objectionable material, and one of the best advanced searches available.

HotBot Up to 100 characters (8 to 10 words) can be entered into the search window. Exhausive in bringing back every possible hit.

Bigfoot Searches for websites and Yellow Pages listings, but is most notable for its people searches.

Yahoo! The most used search engine, with an original fun directory, and easy to use.

Yahooligans! Yahoo's kid-centered search tool; very highly recommended.

Infoseek Connects to highly reliable sources.

Excite A personalized directory engine the uses Intelligent Concept Extraction to increase appropriate hits for your searches; also offers news, chat, bulletin boards, domains and a variety of services from airline tickets to movie and personals.

Lycos Popular search tool, offers free software such as Stock Alert and Planet Oasis, as well as a customized version of IE Explorer and other navigation tools.

MapQuest Find and print out maps, driving directions, travel info, and more.

Four11 Find e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of people on the Web.

Metacrawler Forwards Web search to 7 indexes, combines matches from all of the indexes.

Dogpile Searches 13 indexes on the Web and 6 Usenet indexes at the same time.

SavvySearch 200 indexes are searched at once, results are combined and duplicate sites removed.

Copernic This free application not only searches, but saves and organizes URLs for viewing off-line.

SearchWolf Lets you specify which engines to search.

Solway's Internet Search Shareware and Freeware applications for your computer, in addition to searching.

Askjeeves This popular search engine lets you type in questions. Very easy to use.

HotBot Another popular search engine with lots of options.

AltaVista Ask a question or search by topic.

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