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Protecting Your Webpage
Your Webpage needs protection from outside interference, especially if you have important information stored on it. The best way to protect your Webpage is to use your web host's CGI-bin. Contact you site host about setting-up protection for your Webpage. An alternative is to use the protection function that is available on some web page production utilities. Another alternative is to use a simple Java applet that provides simple password protection to your Webpage.
Listed below are some web sites that you will find useful when setting protection for you Webpage. 
Web Site Name & Link
Web Site Description
EbGATE pro 2.0
Developers to easily incorporate ebGATE pro into their websites without having to redesign existing pages. Once added, users can log into the password protected page(s) via ebGATE from any computer. A Single Site License is only $14.00 (US) and a World-Wide Site License is only $28.00
Codelink V 4.0 Shareware Version
A Java applet that provides simple password protection to any Webpage.
HTML Code to password protect your webpage
Medium Level Protection
JavaScript Password Protection
A list of downloadable source code to protect your Webpage.

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