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Managing Your Web Page
Once your web page is on the Internet it needs to be maintained to keep it up to date and running smoothly. Site management includes file maintenance, content revision and link supervision. Files can become corrupted, content can become outdated and links can lead to sites no longer on their original server.

Below are some web sites that contain information that you will find helpful as you manage your web page.
Web Site Name & Link
Web Site Description
How to Manage Your WWW Page
Management tips and a list of web site management packages
A How-to Guide for Web Developers
An evaluated list of tool for you to use as you manage your web page. (last updated 1997 but still worth looking at)
Cyber Spider Link Test
A Web site management program to be used for verifying that the URLs on a site are not broken and for analyzing site content. The program is distributed as shareware, and may be used free for up to 60 days for evaluation purposes. Registration is $35.00US.
Site Man
A comprehensive, user friendly utility for managing your web page. It is designed for large sites, is HTML based for detail-level control, allows you to check your site offline, and allows you to make site-wide changes. Free 30 day trial from here. Costs only $US60
Adobe PageMill 3.0
Creates and manages web page. Download tryout available. Software Cost $79
PC Site Management Tools
A list of site managing tools
Web.Analyzer 2.01
Won PC Computing's Most Valuable Product Award in the Web Site Management cost $419
Download a free 60-day trial copy. License: Shareware Cost: $45.00


What Makes an Effective Web Page?

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