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IMPORTANT  NOTE:  You will  need to register for space on a web server prior to sending your creations to 
the Web via WS_FTP. 

Check out
these websites for free Web space !




Or search
the Web for
"free web space."


  What is FTP ? 
  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol - the order of business for UPLOADING files to the Internet for others to view or download.  A special FTP computer program is needed for this process.

  A freeware FTP program that provides a quick way to upload  files to the Internet is WS_FTP. (Lite edition)   Using WS_FTP to post information to a website is faster than using the PUBLISH option in Netscape or Explorer, because it functions without an open browser and is able to bypass all the graphics and sounds of these applications as it heads for the designated server.  You can download WS_FTP now, learn how to install it and operate it from this friendly site:

  This dialog box illustrates the basic information needed to upload files with WS_FTP.   The Internet service that is providing you Web space must issue the password needed.  (See below.)  The password here is not your email password in most cases. 

  TIP:  Download WS_FTP to your Desktop.  When you are ready to upload files, save and close all applications.  Then open WS_FTP and upload your fiiles.

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