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JavaTM is an object-oriented programming language. JavaTM allows programmers to develop small, stand-alone applications (called "applets") that can be incorporated into web pages. These applets are transferred to computers accessing the site and run locally on that computer. Thus eliminating the necessity of relaying information back and forth from the remote server housing the website.
JavaTM is a relatively easy programming language to learn. JavaTM can add pizzazz to you website. JavaTM applets are added right into the HTML code for your web page. 
While JavaTM can make your Webpage more interesting there are also pitfalls to consider. 
An applet written in JavaTM programming language can add
image animation, sound, and other interesting effects.  Have fun with the game below!

Bridges is a fun game. The object is for you create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom. Click on a blank space to add a bridge to your line or to block the computer's progress.

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