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General Requirement for an M.A. in Education

    Salem-Teikyo University has offered an M.A. program in Education for a number of years. The Educational Technology Leadership Program is one of three specializations, which also include an equine focus and a folk life heritage skills focus. The Specialization Component  makes up one half of the degree requirements.

    The remaining half of the degree requirements come form the Education Core Component (12 credits) and the Thesis Component (6 credits).

    The core Component includes the following 3 credit courses:

  EDU350 -- Introduction to Research

  EDU360 -- Educational Measurement and Evaluation

  EDU370 -- Curriculum Development

  EDU380 -- Analysis of Teaching

   Core Component courses are usually offered twice each year. Each Technology Specialization course if usually offered once each year in consecutive order. Please see the University Catalog for more specific information on course offerings.

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